Oxatur helpt bij Kasteel Wijchen de algengroei, stank en troebel water tegen te gaan.
Oxatur enables compliance with governmental guidelines concerning ecosystem thresholds.
Oxatur solves the environmental problem caused by de-icing with glycol and formiaat.
De Oxatur bij Kasteel Wijchen is gecombineerd met fotokatlytische reiniging en speciale grassen.
Oxatur is a independently operating device that restores the concentration of oxygen in water.

The concept of the Oxatur

The Oxatur is a floating (floatland) or permanent establishment and, for example, positioned at discharge sources or central water systems. The water is pumped up. Oxatur is a fully autonomous operating unit. Wind and solar power generate the required energy. Connection to the mains is also possible. Oxatur operates 24/7. Through a specially designed structure, the pumped water is brought back to the water system. The return water is thus enriched with oxygen as much as possible. From practical experiments it has been found that the oxygen content of the pumped water tripled in less than a minute (2000 liters / hr in 35 seconds, of 2.3 mg / l to 7.2 mg / l).

The Oxatur of the surface has been treated with a special FKR coating. This coating accelerates the decomposition (photocatalytic cleaning) of organic (micro) contaminants, alcohols, algae and bacteria.

The Oxatur float is equipped with floatlands planted with a unique crop that removes nutrients N and P from the water and stores it in the green parts. The crop is removed after the growing season and used as building material.

It's possible to extend the Oxatur with iron sand, which helps removing the complementary N and P even further. An Oxatur is always customized and available in many forms. An Oxatur can be designed as a work of art in which art, purpose and operation go together. One example is our project at Castle Wijchen.